About Us

Training Excellence is a division of Steadfast61 which, in turn belongs to Steadfast Business Services (WA) Pty Ltd in Australia

Working alongside you for guaranteed results.

We fully comprehend your need and desire to be a winner in your life and we are here to provide the tools by which you can accomplish that goal.

We will be guiding you on your journey for as long as you need us and it is important to recognize that the journey itself is as much a part of attaining success in whatever you do as is reaching your destination.

Provided you use the materials in a positive, can-do, manner you will become the person you want to be.

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

With age comes experience. With experience comes success.

Been there, done that!  When it comes to understanding what is needed to be successful in customer service and in our personal lives we’ve certainly got what it takes.  Years in the business world and with happy and positive attitudes we are well-positioned to making this training for you a success.

Who We Are

The Training Excellence staff comprise experts in a number of business and personal spheres.  Not just theoretical experts either as we value experience in training and education just as highly.  We know what it is like out there and what you need to reach your goals.

We are also animal lovers!

Adrian Stead

Managing Director of Steadfast Business Services (WA) and Accounts Receivable Solutions since 2009. Prior to establishing that company in Australia he was a senior Commercial Manager for a manufacturing company 

Adrian has extensive senior management experience in the banking and finance sectors in both Australia and UK. He is a qualified educator with degrees in Business, Economics, English Language and Literature.


Brenda Stead

Co-Director of the business and avid animal lover, Brenda is a qualified educator with degrees in Psychology and Business Administration.

Much of the materials within Training Excellence come from Brenda’s ‘pen’.

Pinot and Merlot

Providing support and encouragement to the Directors, these two staff members are invaluable to this organisation.  Their vim and vitality – as seen from this photograph – provide great motivation to all of us at Training Excellence.