Be Excellent by Taking Ownership.

Have you committed yet to being excellent in everything you do in your life? You really should as this is a great way to live your life and one way to accomplish this by taking ownership and responsibility for all of your actions.  This is what being a mature person is about.

Once you ‘own’ your choices and accept the consequences you will be viewed as a person who can be respected. Other people will see you as someone who can be counted on, trusted, and that is a huge trait to have.

The easiest way to display ownership is by refusing to make excuses for yourself. If you are late for an appointment don’t come up with a ridiculous excuse as to why. Tell the other person honestly why you are late and, if you didn’t call to say you were going to be late, apologize for not doing so.  (Even though not to have rung is pretty inexcusable!)

It really is so easy to blame others or outside influences for your mistakes or oversights and while no-one can control everything that happens to them, you can control how you respond to situations you find yourself in. This ability and desire to face your situation front-on can completely change your life.

Examples of things for which you can take ownership include your relationships, your education, your fitness and your social life. As you start to take ownership you will find that you feel more confident and that you have a purpose in your life.

Along with ownership you need to learn how to be flexible. Are you willing to do things differently? Are you able to see other options to a situation or problem? If you aren’t don’t be stubborn when something isn’t working. Seek assistance and attempt to change what you are doing and then you will begin to excel at even more tasks which helps increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Becoming a flexible person means that you are happy to respond to situations in a different way. When you are adaptable you are not rigidly set in your ways.

This adaptability in your desire to commit to excellence with everything you do, will create balance in your life and this too is a fulfilling state of mind.

When you live a balanced life you are focusing on those things that hold meaning to you whilst simultaneously being aware and mindful of those around you. You will make choices that are related to the way you feel and what you are thinking.

Balancing your life entails knowing when you have to not go out with friends so you can finish up an important project. You recognize the importance of staying healthy and fit and act accordingly.  You will be in control of your own self and not be at the mercy of others’ and society’s whims.

So, combine taking ownership, responsibility, being flexible, and balance, in your life and you will be well on your way to leading a life where you are truly committed to excellence.

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Kind regards

Adrian Stead