I want to introduce you to the concept of parenting yourself.

When you become 18, or an adult, nobody tells you that it’s now going to be your job to parent yourself – and by parent yourself I mean it’s your job to make yourself do the crap you don’t want to do so that you can be everything that you’re supposed to be but you’re so damn busy waiting to feel like it and you’re never going to.

When you were a child your parents made you do the things you didn’t feel like doing because you would never feel like doing them – you didn’t then, you don’t now, and you never will. Even when you get good at something you’ll work out a way of finding something else you don’t want to do. It’s in our nature. Unless you are pushed you won’t do it.

This concept of parenting yourself is really important for you to take on board as it relates to how we make decisions and the fact that we make decisions not based on what we know but based on how we feel right then. It’s your feelings that make the decision for you. It’s one of the reasons why parents are so important for kids, because if we left it up to kids to do whatever they felt like doing, they’d never go to school, they’d never do their homework, they’d never use their manners. They’ve never learn to eat correctly. They’d never do anything. They’d just sit around and watch TV all day. That’s the job of a parent. What most of us don’t realize, though is that when you become 18, when you move out of the house, when you’re an adult, you have to parent yourself. And here’s the rub, you’re never ever going to feel like doing the things you need to do in order to have what you want, you’re always going to need to push yourself.

You’re, always going to need to parent yourself. So what is the advice about this? What is the bottom line? The bottom line is no one’s coming, no one.

No one’s coming to push you! No one’s coming to tell you to turn the TV off. No one’s coming to tell you to get out the door and exercise. Nobody’s coming to tell you to apply for that job that you’ve always dreamt about. Nobody’s coming to write the business plan for you. It’s up to you and because you’re only ever going to do the things that you feel like doing or that feel good right now, you’re going to have to push yourself otherwise you’re never going to make your dreams come true. You’re just not! You’re not wired that way. You weren’t that way when you were growing up and you’re certainly not that way as an adult. There is however a tremendous amount of liberation when you come to realize the fact that you’re always going to need to give yourself a push.